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At Camea Escort Hamburg, we want travelers to experience what it is to have an erotic companion, who are willing to share them stories about the culture, willing to laugh, eat and drink and at the end of the day, willing to share their desires in bed. We offer companion girls who are ready to accept your erotic thoughts and advances and are willing to give, your best experience in Hamburg City.

Who We Are?

We are an established Escort Service Agency in Hamburg, Germany. Providing professional escort services to many locals, travelers and foreigners, who come to visit our city, enjoy the breath-taking scenery and our lovely escort girls to give you a memorable journey.

We focus our attention in giving men, old and young, a special kind of escort service, giving them an unforgettable sexual experience, wherever and whenever it may be. Our high-class escort girls are trained and well experienced in any special request you wish to experience. They are capable of giving up to your fetish and sexual desires.

With us, there is no room for worries.  The services we are offering are delivered with great confidentiality. We value your experience and strive to give you the best time of your life.

The leading escort service agency in the region, that can help you achieve the full satisfaction with every booking. Giving you an experience that you’ll cherish forever.

We never compromise the quality of our service, which is why we only hire girls that meets our standards to ensure the quality experience of each client. Over thousands of applicants, we only choose the sexiest, gorgeous and professional ladies who can handle your requests.

Our Kind of Service

Here at Camea Escort, we ensure the quality of experience with our clients. We provide premium girls that can achieve your standards, personality that can keep you entertained, knowledgeable in the city and knows how to give you the full satisfaction you wish to experience with an escort girl.

We are also giving our clients full support. We have a hotline open 24 hours every day, so don’t hesitate to call us whenever you have questions or additional request for your escort girl. We also recommend escort girls for gentlemen who have specific desires or genuine fetish. We can help you find a companion that can truly understand your needs and wants, this is what makes shine above the rest, because we value our clients as much as we value our business.

24 Hour Escort Hamburg Service

Our staff are always ready 24/7 to help you meet your favorite girl at any time of the day. We always deliver your chosen escort girl immediately and makes sure that they wear proper clothes or wears your requested clothing before the meet up. We maintain our escort girls to help achieve your goal and give you a pleasurable experience with our escort Hamburg. Get yourself a treat and enjoy a companion of a gorgeous girl to fulfill your every desire.

Escort Profiles

Our gallery section will show you what we have to offer you.  Check the profile of our escorts choose your escort girl.  We have the most beautiful escorts around the city, which makes us the leading escort agency in Hamburg.

Our girls come from different parts of the world.  They are composed of multi-national culture.  We have Asian’s, Europeans, Americans and etc.  We have a lot of girls to choose from.  They also come from different sizes and you can choose any of your preference.

They also come in all age’s, some is as young as 20 and others are around 30 years old for those who like mature escorts.  The common denominator of all these girls are:  They are beautiful, sexy and professionals.

What Are Our Girls Capable Of Doing?

  • Our girls are intelligent. They are capable of discussion about current events.  We have employed girls, who are at least senior high. They are trained to handle any type of clients from business owners
  • Our girls are sexually expert. Most of these girls are experts in bed.  They are capable of doing every sensual act that you can imagine.  They can give you the pleasure you wish to experience and can teach you sexual tricks if you want to.  Just tell them what you want them to do.  Whether you want them to kiss you from head to toe, they will.  You want them to do 69 or any fetish you desire to experience.  You want them to play with their pussy, while you are watching, they will fulfill your fantasies, just name it and they will make it happen.
  • Our girls are friendly. Being friendly is a virtue.  Our girls are not showing you good traits because they are paid to do so. But they are doing this, because they are friendly enough to hang-out with you.  Just treat them kindly and you will experience, how they will treat you as a friend.
  • Our girls are honest. Honesty is very important when you go along with a stranger.  This is one problem that every escort service company must address.  We hired girls who are trustworthy, and you can go around with them or bring them inside your hotel room, and we will guarantee that you are safe with our escort girls.
  • Our girls are responsible. Another important characteristic of our escort girls is that they are responsible. They are trained to be one.  Tell them to stay, they will.  Tell them to do something and they will do it, even if you are not there watching.
  • Our girls are Sociable. Being sociable is an important characteristic of our escort girls. Be confident wherever you will bring her, you will not have a problem because they know how to blend well from your friends, colleagues and even to your family. Our girls are not shy to meet with anybody.  You can bring her to parties, and she can express herself, with others.  You can introduce her to your friends, and she can bring entertainment to your friends too.
  • Our girls are tough. Toughness is not a minus point to our girls.  They can be in a tough situation and you have nothing to worry.  She knows how to handle herself well.

Popular Services You Can Enjoy In Hamburg

  1. Companion Service

Companion service will provide you with a high-class escort girl.  Our escort will provide you company, wherever you go.  She can eat, drink and talk with you. She can also be your personal tour guide for those who wish to travel to tourist attractions in Hamburg.  She makes sure that you will be proud of her, being your escort.  She will hold hands with you, hug and kiss you, just like a real girlfriend experience. Our escort girls are also an ideal companion for private parties, expo, events, and occasions or even for private dates.

  1. Intimate Partner

Our escorts will give you company everywhere you go.  She is willing and passionate enough, to give back to any of your sexual desires.  Our girls are there to give you the sexual pleasure that you need.  They knew what to do, if you want to you wanted to just relax and let your girl do the rest. Whether you are looking for dominant or submissive girl, you can always enjoy the companion of escort Hamburg. Our girls are open minded enough to handle any of your intimate desires.

  1. Car Escort

Our escort will be willing to drive with you to every destination’s you wanted to be. Your car escort is willing to bring it to the next level, if you will ask them to.  They will do things, according to your desire.

  1. Motorbike Escort

This motorbike escort will go with you to places in a motorbike.  It is exciting to drive a bike, with a sexy girl at your back.  You can be assured of a very exciting day on the road.  You can even stop by the side of the road and explore your fetish.  She willing to give in to your erotic desires anytime you want it.  You can ask her to hold you tight anywhere and anytime.  Our girls are trained to do even the smallest gestures that can make you arouse.

  1. Massage Escort

Massage Escort is one of the most popular services that every client would want to experience with our escort girls. These type of service helps provide comfort and relaxation to clients who are seeking the touch of our escort girls and give them a relaxing massage from a long day of work or business meetings. We have many massage escorts that offer variety of massage service such as full-massage, erotic massage, nuru massage, Swedish massage and many more. Get yourself a girl who knows how to give you the relaxation you need and enjoy an intimate moment after a relaxing massage.

We help escort girls who want to earn income by providing companionship and giving quality time with our clients. We hire every beautiful woman, who are honest, friendly, responsible and who are not afraid of men.  We handle our escort girls with care.  We treated them like a family. We train our escort girls, to be able to meet the standards in each and every booking, whatever is required with our clients.

Our girls also undergo yearly medical examination and require them, to secure the necessary permit to work as an escort girls.

About Hamburg

Hamburg is the 2nd largest city that you can find in Germany. It’s also the 3rd largest port in whole Europe, which means you can expect a lot of people travelling in Hamburg for both travel and business. This is what makes the city the center of goods exchange and the economy is still growing until now. A perfect place to make business and enjoy a companion of escort girl that can provide comfort and entertainment for anyone who wants to enjoy in Hamburg City.

There are events and trade fairs held every year which invites from entrepreneurs, manufacturers, inventors and visitors to exchange business together. Hamburg has a lot to offer to travelers too, there’s plenty of places that you can explore in the city and even have scenic views for the beauty of nature. Whether you came to Hamburg for fun, business or pleasure, you can surely enjoy the best time of your life in the city.

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Camea Escort Hamburg has a high reputation in providing escort girls to thousands of men who want to enjoy a companion of a gorgeous and sexy girl. Whether you are a couple who seeks threesome, a girl who wants to explore your bisexual side or a gentleman who wants to get a taste of real satisfaction, we can help you find the perfect girl that can meet your requests.

We have many escort Hamburg that can satisfy your needs from blonde, redhead, brunette, ebony and etc. You can always get the girl of your dreams in just a call away. You don’t have to feel alone when you travel to Hamburg, get your girl from Camea Escort and get accompanied with a gorgeous girl. Someone who can help you tour the city, eat with you in authentic restaurants, relax in wellness centers, play in casinos, party in nightclubs, companion in certain events or occasions and many more. We can give you a companion that will absolutely give you the night of your life.

Each and one of our girls have class and elegance, behind a beautiful outfit awaits a sexy lingerie and perfect body that you can definitely touch and enjoy. The sky is the limit for what you wish to experience with these lovely escort girls. Find your ideal escort girls in Hamburg City with Camea Escort today.